Alex Steelsmith
During the past 25 years, Alex’s writing has been published in numerous venues. Many of his written works, coauthored with Dr. Laurie Steelsmith, cover a wide variety of health topics. For their first book, Natural Choices for Women’s Health, Alex served as coauthor by creating the manuscript and adding descriptions and ideas to reflect Laurie’s medical practice. For the books Great Sex, Naturally and Growing Younger Every Day, he contributed more extensively to the style, content, and message. The hundreds of articles he has written similarly range from works of supportive coauthorship to a number of pieces he has authored independently.

In the Preface to Great Sex, Naturally, Alex describes his role as a writer: “I organize the material into sentences, sequences of ideas, paragraphs, and sections. Along the way, I add the headings, introductions, descriptions, closings, metaphors, local color, or anything else that might seem needed. My goal is to round out the text by elaborating on the issues in an accessible writing style... I add reflections that are relevant but require no medical training; some call for research on my part, but many are speculative. I tend to contribute the most content where topics are more general and abstract—for example, comparisons between medical paradigms.”

Alex’s writing is characterized by well-crafted, easily readable elucidations—often of complex health-related concepts—that occasionally dovetail with his creative insights, colorful analogies, poetic images, and unique plays on words.

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