Alex Steelsmith
A selection of articles written by Alex, as well as some article-length samples of his writing from longer works

(Note: many of Alex's published writings have been abridged or edited by newspaper, magazine, or book editors.)

Evidence-Based, or Evidence-Biased?

Sex-Messaging: The Aphrodisiac Potential of Your Secret Scents

Knowing When to See a Naturopathic Doctor or an Allopath

Prescription Drugs vs. Vitamins; Which Increases Mortality?

What's Not in a Name

Sex and Tantra: The Tantalizing (or Not) Possibilities

Infomercials May be Misinfomercials

How Do You Find a Doctor Who's Trained in Natural Medicine?

Harmonizing Your Hormones: Sex in the Balance

Report Flawed: Vitamins Still Vital

The Cutting Controversy

Natural Sleep Solutions