Alex Steelsmith
Samples of Alex’s writing from a variety of sources

“The ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine... offers a way of thinking outside the box of cause-and-effect relationships, challenging you to think in delightfully new, nonlinear ways. It invites you to approach your health through elegant poetic images that are often quite beautiful and rich in metaphor... Conventional medicine in the West has become a very left-brained process, but when you open your mind to medical traditions from both the Eastern and Western hemispheres, you more fully engage both hemispheres of your brain—the logical, rational left brain and the imaginative, intuitive right brain.”

—From page 5 of Natural Choices for Women’s Health

“This book brings together all the brightest stars among natural sex-enhancement methods, but you’ll need to navigate your own itinerary through the galaxy of information it offers, find what works best for you, and select a unique niche in your constellation of choice. The number of ways to arrive at great sex may be, like the number of stars in the universe, in the sextillions.”

—From page xviii of Great Sex, Naturally

“From the top portion of your uterus, your fallopian tubes extend gracefully upward toward your ovaries. Every month during your ovulating years a ripe egg, newly released from your ovaries, floats in the small, nebulous inner cavity of your pelvis directly above your fallopian tubes. Like a sea anemone collecting microscopic nutrients in the ocean current, fluttering tentacles at the ends of your fallopian tubes reach, embrace, and gently guide the egg down into the central tube toward your uterus.”

—From page 53 of Great Sex, Naturally

“Your health is like a beautiful, intricately crafted puzzle, with all of your body’s systems fitting precisely together as a unified whole.”

—From page 357 of Natural Choices for Women’s Health

“If side effects of one drug are ‘treated’ by another with new side effects, at what point will the cycle end?”

—From page 221 of Great Sex, Naturally

“Spring is in the air: everything is new, rising from the earth, being born again. Everywhere, energy is moving from roots into new shoots, reaching for the light. It seems that every living thing is growing, greening, budding, and expanding. But what about you? Is your energy in sync with the season? Are you, too, brimming with new vitality? Is the life force regenerating itself within your body?”

—From an article in Vision magazine

“The effectiveness of natural medicine has led to enormous popularity; as a result, a whole new breed of self-appointed natural health ‘authorities’ has suddenly emerged from the woodwork—or the network. Everywhere you look, it seems natural medicine is being oversimplified and marketed by people with no training or legitimate degrees in natural medicine.”

—From “Infomercials May be Misinfomercials,” The Honolulu Advertiser

“Many herbal aphrodisiacs additionally boost your libido by increasing your level of nitric oxide (NO). When you have ample NO in your body, there is increased blood flow to all your tissues because it dilates your blood vessels—including those that supply your vagina and vulva. This not only enhances your sexual response, but also brings numerous health benefits to your sexual organs… The bottom line: you can give a resounding yes to NO.”

—From page 153 of Great Sex, Naturally

“Many people spend their lives… in a kind of libido limbo, never fully experiencing the sexual gratification they’re capable of and unaware of the extent of their birthright to pleasure.”

—From page 18 of Great Sex, Naturally

“Your hormones can be likened to sections of an orchestra—strings, brass, woodwinds, and percussion—each playing independently, yet blended in concert with the others. When you have optimal well-being and healthy, balanced hormones, they form a well-orchestrated symphony, with all performers elegantly synchronized and in perfect harmony. But if your key players become imbalanced, or if one is deficient or excessive, the results can range from minor dissonance to major hormonal cacophony... Being proactive about your hormonal health means establishing yourself as the conductor of your own hormonal performance; you unify the players, set the tempo, direct the dynamics, articulate the expression, and shape the sound of your ensemble. Every lifestyle decision, dietary change, and nutritional supplement you choose can be a deliberate gesture made with your conductor’s baton to cue your performers toward greater harmony... The more you know about the key players in your hormonal ensemble, the more effectively you’ll be able to guide them.”

—From page 13 of Growing Younger Every Day

“Common hormone imbalances can transform your hormones from health-creators to health-negators, and from energy-boosters to energy-busters.”

—From page 35 of Growing Younger Every Day

“If your PMS lasts for about one week every month, and if you menstruate for the typical number of years, you’ll spend a cumulative total of approximately seven years of your life putting up with its symptoms! Liberating yourself from the symptoms of PMS can give you back a large part of your life that would otherwise be filled with the fog of its discomforts.”

—From page 39 of Growing Younger Every Day

“Not all women are created equally when it comes to midlife hormonal harmony. Some have a tumultuous transition, filled with physical challenges that require much time and attention, while others seem to sail through midlife effortlessly, with little or no difficulty, hardly needing to pause for menopause.”

—From page 136 of Great Sex, Naturally

“Only in the last few generations have we been producing foods with herbicides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers, genetic modification, irradiation, antibiotics, and hormones—and only in our lifetimes has this list grown so long that we need national organic standards to protect us. After all, what we call ‘organic’ food is merely as close as we can get to food in its natural state—what the vast majority of our ancestors ate throughout the ages. Looked at from this perspective, choosing organic food is simply an effort to get back to eating normally.”

—From page 32 of Natural Choices for Women’s Health

“Perhaps you wake up one morning and realize that sex has become just another word. You know you’re missing something, because you vividly recall the rich connotation those three letters used to hold for you—how they once conveyed a sense of energy, mystery, and excitement, and seemed to conduct an almost palpable electrical charge. You may wonder what happened, and how such an alluring word could ever have lost its luster.”

—From pages xvi of Great Sex, Naturally

“Graduates of the naturopathic medical programs are the only doctors whose training is truly ‘integrated,’ making them uniquely qualified to balance conventional and unconventional medical approaches. Their training places them squarely between the two worlds, in the truest sense of the word able to ‘integrate’ the best of each.”

—From page 366 of Natural Choices for Women’s Health

“Great sex involves something greater than great sex... Love repairs relationships, changes cultures, moves mountains, and makes the world go around, but sex without it does none of these. To paraphrase the famous saying: without love, it is nothing.”

“Love is your most powerful aphrodisiac... the greatest sex derives not from focusing on whether you have the greatest sex, but from focusing on whether you have the greatest love.”

—From pages xxvii-xxviii of Great Sex, Naturally

“The mind has a way of coming up with reasons to let the body stay sedentary, even at the risk of poor health, reduced sexual energy, or loss of bodily functions. But knowing all the benefits that exercise has for your health and sexuality can help put your body in motion. Let’s look at how you can get your mind more in touch with your natural motivation for motion, and move yourself to move... Once you’re on the move, it’s that much easier to keep up your momentum. The more you exercise, the more likely you are to continue to do so. Make it your way of life, and it becomes you. The benefits for your health and your sexuality will multiply manyfold; it’s the ‘gift that keeps moving.’”

—From pages 29-30 of Great Sex, Naturally

“Your hormones are not only an integral part of your personality, but also an extraordinary physiological phenomenon—tiny biologically active substances that are released by your glands, circulate in your body fluids, and have strong effects on parts of your anatomy far from their points of origin. Every day, a choreographed dance takes place within your physical self as these complex, multifaceted substances intermingle to create your unique sexual nature. The intricacies of this dance extend even beyond your body; your hormones ultimately connect you with your environment, inviting you to join with another who can share your passions and pleasures, bond with you, and join you in the dance.”

—From pages 95-96 of Great Sex, Naturally

“Cervical dysplasia can... disrupt the quality of your sex life and compromise your experience of pleasure. For some women, cervical dysplasia might well be renamed cervical displeasure.”

—From page 88 of Great Sex, Naturally

“Your nose serves as a kind of sexual sextant—a finely tuned instrument for navigating your erotic environment—and gathers far more information than scientists once believed possible... What we call love at first sight may often be a matter of love at first scent.”

—From pages 171-172 of Great Sex, Naturally

Are Your Issues in Your Tissues? According to some schools of thought, your bodily tissues can ‘remember’ trauma that may have occurred many years ago, and past pain can be healed by physically and energetically releasing your tissues... In some ways, this parallels the Reichian theory that pent-up sexual or psychological energy can create ‘body armor’—real physical tensions and blockages in muscles and organs—that you can overcome through healthy sexual release.”

—From page 198 of Great Sex, Naturally

“The roots of the Sanskrit word tantra have links to the words weave and stretch. We include tantric sexual practices here because they allow you to weave entirely new erotic experiences, and stretch the limits of your capacity for sexual sensation... You don’t have to join an obscure sect and follow a guru to benefit from ancient tantric sexual secrets; it’s easier than you might think to use them on your own (enhance sex sans sects) and incorporate them into your erotic life.”

—From page 199 of Great Sex, Naturally

“You and your partner are each a part of one another, as surely as the word part is a part of the word partners... Your two immune systems become joined at the hip; they uphold one another, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health… Enhancing your partner’s health and sexual well-being enhances yours, and vice versa; vitality is reciprocity, sexuality is mutuality, and sensuality is cosensuality...”

“Ancient Chinese medicine was built on the balance of opposites: feminine and masculine, water and fire, darkness and light, inwardness and outwardness, yin and yang... If you’ve achieved a truly balanced partnership, you and your partner can be seen as two halves of one whole, each intimately affecting the other and in close harmony, like the two interlocking shapes of the yin-yang symbol... Simply being aware of the differences between women’s and men’s yin and yang sexual energies brings you closer, strengthens your relationship, and generally engenders harmony between genders.”

—From pages 207-209 of Great Sex, Naturally

“At times, leisure is the measure of pleasure... Some men with lifestyle-induced ED have lost sight of the simple joys of play and gleefulness. They may be out of touch with the hidden connections between sexuality and whimsicality, sensuality and impracticality, the erotic and the quixotic. Often men in this category need to remember how to discover the important links between fully enjoying life and being sexually functional—how to find the ‘fun’ in functional.”

—From page 223 of Great Sex, Naturally

“If you consistently follow the lifestyle recommendations earlier in this book, you could vastly increase your likelihood of being sexually active in your 60s; your overall health can be the single most important factor in your ability to keep the sex in sexagenarian.”

—From page 232 of Great Sex, Naturally

“Keep making the right choices during each new phase of your journey, and they’ll become stitched into the fabric of your being, with never-ending benefits. This is the essence of self-help; you help yourself, and you help yourself to a better life.”

—From pages 252-253 of Great Sex, Naturally

“Great health... doesn’t happen overnight. It requires your time, patience, intention, devotion, creativity, and craftsmanship. You weave your well-being deliberately; it grows gradually, steadily, strand by strand, with each careful, meditative motion of the loom and shuttle.”

“Great health and great sex are mutually supportive, inseparably intertwined like a double helix: the higher you curve along the trajectory of one, the greater your ascendancy along the other.”

—From pages 266-267 of Great Sex, Naturally