About The Art

"Alex Steelsmith's artistry
transforms color into an indelible
life experience!
-Gavin MacLeod,
TV and Hollywood actor

Detail of Crescendo, Oil

Alex's art spans a broad range of painting and drawing media, including watercolors, oils, tempera, pen and ink, pastels, gouache, and numerous other methods. His subject matter includes landscapes, seascapes, portraits, figurative work, and still life. A wide variety of geographical settings are depicted in his landscapes, reflecting the life of a traveler; at the same time, many of his works reflect a contemplative, peaceful quality.

Viewers are often surprised to learn that all of Alex's paintings and drawings are created by hand with traditional artist's tools and techniques. For example, no photography is incorporated into his works, and no airbrush is ever used. His artworks are 100 percent handcrafted, with techniques of drawing and applying paint that artists have used for centuries. As American collector Gene Burns has pointed out, during the past three decades Alex has consistently produced works that are not only "highly original and entirely delightful," but also "of museum quality" and uphold the highest of technical standards.

Over the years Alex's art has been seen in more than 100 exhibitions, including many gallery, university, and museum showings. Notable collectors of his works have included the Smithsonian Institution, the National Portrait Gallery, the president of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Senator Daniel and Irene Inouye, Hawaii's Governor, actor Gavin MacLeod, and many others. Solo exhibitions have ranged in scope from a dozen works in private shows to a major "retrospective" at the Newport Art Museum featuring 74 of his original works. Many of Alex's works have been made available in print form, and more than 70 separate print editions have been published. Samples of Alex's art are also published by Pomegranate Communications. To read comments by a variety of collectors and followers of Alex's art, click HERE.