"What is a Giclee?"

A Giclee (zhee-CLAY) is a high-resolution digitally mastered print. Known for brilliant color range and detail, Giclees are widely considered to be among the best methods currently available for reproducing works of art. The original artwork is recorded on a digital file, and the Giclee is made using a specialized ink spray process in which millions of microscopic droplets of ink are ejected onto the surface of the canvas or paper.

Alex has made many of his works available as Giclees because the process allows for the greatest degree of accuracy in replicating the various components of his originals. Much individual attention is given to the development of each of his Giclees. They are made with fade-resistant materials on canvas or archival watercolor paper often the same materials he painted the originals on giving them much of the look and feel of original works of art. Although Alex sometimes adds unique hand-painted touches to his Giclees, it's important to note that a Giclee is a reproduction, not an original.

"What is a Lithograph?"

Traditionally, the term lithograph (derived from lithos, Greek for stone) has been used to refer to any print made through the application of a chemically-treated image using a stone or metal plate that was kept wet and rolled with ink. The wet areas repelled the ink, and the treated portions of the image attracted the ink; the stone or plate was run through a press, which transferred the image to a sheet of paper. During the past two centuries the process has undergone many variations spawned by new technologies. Modern lithographs are often made with a complex electromechanical method specially designed for accurate reproduction on multiple sheets of paper. Some of Alex's prints are made with what is perhaps the most commonly used method for reproducing works of art, offset lithography (often referred to simply as 'lithography'). For purposes of this website, the term generally refers to full-color lithographically-produced prints on thick paper stock that are typically made in larger quantities than editions printed with other methods.

"What is a Limited Edition?"

A Limited Edition is a printing of multiple images from one original work, having a predetermined maximum number of prints that can ever be made. The prints in a Limited Edition are often individually numbered, with the designation of any given print recorded numerically, such as "326/400" (i.e., print number 326 out of 400). Alex personally hand-numbers all of his numerically designated Limited Edition prints, and Certificates of Edition and Authenticity are available for all editions.

"What is an Open Edition?"

An Open Edition is a printing of multiple images from one original work, having no predetermined maximum number of prints that can ever be made. Certificates of Authenticity are available for Alex's Open Edition prints.

"If I order a Limited Edition print, will it be signed by Alex himself?"

Yes, all signed prints are inspected for quality and personally signed by Alex.

"Can I buy prints in bulk?"

Yes, bulk prices are available for many prints on request. Please contact us if you are interested.


"How long does Alex take to finish one of his paintings?"

The length of time varies considerably, because he uses many different techniques to create his paintings. Alex has completed some works in less than a week, and at other times he has been known to labor over a single painting for years. Hawaii writer John White has described Alex's creative technique as a painstaking process that takes hundreds, even thousands, of hours.

"Where have Alex's works been seen?"

Alex's works have been seen in many galleries, gift shops, and other locations in Hawaii. In addition, his art has been shown in hundreds of galleries, universities, and private collections in many other parts of the United States and elsewhere. Numerous solo showings have been held, the largest by an East coast museum that presented a major "retrospective" exhibition of 74 of his original paintings. Since his earliest years, a disproportionate number of Alex's works have been seen in various types of healing environments. His art hangs in many medical offices, clinics, wellness centers, and other health-related locations from the hospital where he was born in his hometown to a health spa in Waikiki.

Over the years, an estimated 500,000 individual reproductions published from Alex's original works have been distributed in many parts of the world, including the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, South America, Australia, New Zealand, and other areas.

"What technique does Alex use? How does he get his effects?"

We receive many variations on this question. Alex uses a wide variety of techniques and methods in his works from watercolors to oil paints, and from pastels to pen and ink, scratchboard, and other drawing techniques. He often combines several of these methods to achieve unusual effects. (See ABOUT THE ART for information on the techniques he uses.)

When painting with oils, Alex often uses a technique known as "glazing", which artists have used for hundreds of years. The glazed portions of the image are gradually built up as multiple layers of transparent paint are applied to the surface of the painting, each carefully brushed in by hand over the preceding layers. Alex sometimes uses hundreds of fine layers of glazed pigment to create "translucent" effects in his works.

"Does Alex use an airbrush?"

People often ask this question because they assume, when they see Alex's paintings, that he could not have created them without the aid of an airbrush or some other "shortcut." It repeatedly needs to be pointed out that he has never used an airbrush for any portion of any painting he has created. He applies paint exclusively with the same hand-held bristle brushes that artists have used for centuries. Using only traditional techniques to create certain effects requires specific abilities that are not required by the use of a mechanical aid such as an airbrush. This is one of the most celebrated aspects of Alex's oeuvre and an essential part of the appeal that his works have to fine art collectors.

"What is Gouache?"

The term gouache refers to a method of painting using opaque water-based paints, typically watercolors, usually mixed with a prepared binding medium. The effect differs from that of traditional watercolor painting, since the lighter portions of the image are formed more by the application of opaque pigment than by the white of the underlying paper. In some of Alex's works, he blends gouache with traditional watercolor techniques.


"Where can I get the new sets of boxed greeting cards of Alex's works, such as the Interiors collection or the Holiday cards, or the individual cards recently published?"

You can look for them at your local Barnes & Noble, or other bookstores. You may also find them at gift shops and specialty stores. Look for the boxed sets on the greeting card shelves, and for the individual cards on display racks. If you don't find them, you can ask the management of your favorite stores to order them from the publisher, Pomegranate Communications. You can also purchase them directly from the Pomegranate Communications website.

"What method do you use for shipping artwork, and how do you calculate the shipping charge?"

For most small orders, we use standard postal service and charge a flat rate of $9.95 (U.S.) for shipping and handling. An additional fee may be required in some cases for larger prints, for other shipping methods, or for shipping outside of the United States. The amount is calculated on the basis of estimated weight and handling. If any additional fee is necessary, we will contact you prior to shipping.

"If I order more than one print or Giclee at the same time, will I be charged extra for shipping and handling?"

Generally, no. In most cases, ordering more than one print or Giclee at the same time does not increase your shipping and handling cost. There are exceptions with certain Giclees, and with unusually large orders. You will be notified prior to shipping if there is any additional cost.

"Can I order a Giclee of one of Alex's artworks if no Giclee is listed as available for that particular artwork on your website?"

Yes, an individual Giclee can be custom-printed for you. Please contact us if you are interested.

"If you offer a particular Giclee on canvas, can I order it on watercolor paper instead?"

In many cases, yes. If you prefer your Giclee on watercolor paper, we will most likely be able to custom-print it for you. The reverse is also true if we offer a Giclee on watercolor paper, you can usually order it on canvas instead. Please let us know your preference.

"Can I buy prints in bulk?"

Yes, bulk prices are available for many prints on request. Please contact us if you are interested.

"If I order greeting cards of Alex's works, what types of envelopes are included with the cards?"

We use standard white envelopes, with nothing printed on them.

"Do any of your folded greeting cards have a pre-printed message on the inside of the card?"

No, all of our folded greeting cards are blank on the inside.

"Can I buy your greeting cards in bulk?"

Yes, bulk prices are available for greeting cards on request. Please contact us if you are interested.

"Can I order any of your greeting cards with my own logo or message printed on them?"

In many cases, yes. If you are placing a bulk order, we can most likely custom-design the information or message that you would like to appear on your cards. Please contact us for details.

"If I order a Limited Edition print, will it be signed by Alex himself?"

Yes, all signed prints are inspected for quality and personally signed by Alex.