Kind Words

What people are saying about the art of Alex Steelsmith:

“I saw many of Alex's paintings years ago, and I've never forgotten them - the most precise paintings I've ever seen.”

-Peng T. Ong
Cofounder of, founder of Interwoven, and collector of Alex's artwork

“It is an honor to be associated with Alex and his work; he is one of the most gifted artists in the world.”

-Gavin MacLeod
Actor (the "Captain" on Love Boat), and collector

“Phenomenal work!”

-Howard Wesley Johnson
Former President, Boston Museum of Fine Arts

“One of America's top artists... immensely talented.”

-Judy Jarvis
Nationally syndicated talk show host

“A prodigious talent.”

-Daniel Seligman
Former Executive Editor, Fortune Magazine

“His oeuvre is light... in some cases the light is brilliant, in some subtle. But always it has a magical quality that transforms what would be an ordinary scene into a vision...”

-From Quiet Light, Museum review by C. George Byers

“Highly original and entirely delightful... of museum quality.”

-Gene Burns
Collector of 19th and 20th century American art

“Extraordinary craftsmanship and dazzling use of light.”

-MS Focus,The Magazine of the National MS Foundation

“An uncanny eye for light... he is an intensely aware examiner of the minute components of human perception.”

-From Reflections on The Art of Alex Steelsmith, by John Wythe White
Hawaii author and former Editor of the Honolulu Weekly

“Steelsmith's art brings us sharply in focus with reality, yet leaves enough room for us to dream.”

-Pam Chambers
Best-selling Hawaii author and presentation coach

“I could only admire his work. He was a master at the use of contrast and his pencil shading was so wonderful that his images seemed to have floated onto the page.”

-Anne Smith
Art teacher at the high school Alex attended (describing his artwork from age 14 to age 17)