Alex Steelsmith
"This is the essence of self-help; you help yourself, and you help yourself to a better life."

          "Your Libido, Naturally: Common Sense and Uncommon Sensuality
          "As your personal guide to enhancing your sex life, this book contains a lot of detailed information. But your underlying impulse to use it-perhaps what made you choose this book in the first place-is a matter of your own intuition. You may have instinctively found its natural take on sexual health more attractive than what conventional pharmaceutical methods have to offer. On a gut level, you probably resonated with its core approach to enhancing sex, which could be summed up as natural measures, maximum pleasures . . .
          " . . . As you move forward on your path to greater sexual health, continue to trust your common sense and follow the guiding instinct that brought you to this book . . . By consistently applying the tips and techniques gathered in these chapters, you can transform your life and libido from the bottom up, at any age. Keep making the right choices during each new phase of your journey, and they'll become stitched into the fabric of your being, with never-ending benefits. This is the essence of self-help; you help yourself, and you help yourself to a better life."
-From pages 252-253 of Great Sex, Naturally

          "When your hormones are balanced, you tend to feel (and be) luxuriantly healthy, capable of achieving almost anything you set your mind to, and fully able to manifest your sexual health. If they're imbalanced, they can interfere conspicuously with your sexuality, health, and quality of life; not only are you less apt to feel sexy and vital, but some hormonal imbalances can turn potentially libido-boosting hormones into libido-busting 'harm-ones.'
          "Keeping all six of your key hormones in harmony can sextuplicate your sexual health (that is, multiply it by six); buoy your joie de vivre; and help you feel energized, compassionate, grounded, erotically receptive, stimulated, and empowered to use all of the other sex-enhancing secrets in this book to expand your capacity for passion."
-From page 258 of Great Sex, Naturally

"With all things sexual, all things are contextual."

          "A Call to Action; Your Rx for Great Sex:
          "This book provides you with an enormously varied collection of steps you can take to enhance your sexuality. But you'll get the most from it . . . if you use it as a whole-as opposed to referring only to certain pleasure-nourishing nuggets of information, or homing in on specific sexual-health solutions. The effectiveness of any single choice you make to enhance your sexuality is shaped . . . by its relation to the larger backdrop of your overall well-being. One of the great secrets to enhancing your libido is that context is everything; with all things sexual, all things are contextual."
-From page 253 of Great Sex, Naturally

          "In a health-care market dominated by gargantuan pharmaceutical firms promoting products like Viagra, and with conventional doctors trained primarily to dispense drugs, there's little incentive to tell you about your natural alternatives for sexual enhancement. Yet you have a cornucopia of viable options that can transform your libido in ways no drug can. Many have stood the test of time, were cherished and carefully preserved by your ancestors, and were passed down over the span of centuries. Chapter 5 is a treasure chest of top secrets from this ancient legacy-along with some modern ones-for stoking your fires of passion to burn brighter."
-From page 259 of Great Sex, Naturally

"Optimal health may give you access to otherwise unattainable peaks of pleasure."

          "While some aphrodisiacs may boost your well-being, you'll tend to experience their greatest benefits when you're abundantly healthy. Aphrodisiacs have a way of underscoring one of this book's underlying themes-that optimal health may give you access to otherwise unattainable peaks of pleasure."
-From page 260 of Great Sex, Naturally

          "In an intimate relationship, your sexuality is conjoined with his; your libidos merge, become deeply reciprocal, and you both fan the flames of your shared passions. Because you are partners in pleasure, your sexuality, in a sense, becomes mutual, and you co-create your sexual well-being. As we emphasized in Chapter 7, our penultimate exploration of your sexuality in a relationship, love and sex are all about partnership. In a healthy love relationship, you and your partner are two harmonious halves of one whole . . . each embracing, complementing, and shaping the other, your two sexual energies fitting together like the interlocking components of the yin-yang symbol. The more you know about his evolving sexual nature, the more you discover how compellingly it can influence your own. If his libido is healthy, it can benefit yours vastly; if his libido is out of balance, it can encumber yours in numberless ways."
-From page 262 of Great Sex, Naturally

          "With the Great Sex Detox, you can purge impurities from your home environment and streamline your body's ability to rid itself of hidden toxins that hamper your health and limit your libido . . . This can not only recharge your sexuality but also invigorate your overall well-being; by literally bringing out the worst in you, it can figuratively bring out the best in you."
-From page 256 of Great Sex, Naturally

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