"It occurs to you after looking at Alex's treatment of light that he is as much interested in time, that in fact light and time are intertwined, and they both affect color and perception. He paints a small bedroom scene in daytime with extremely even light, and it becomes a rainbow of color with only slight differences in tone brought on by shifting light Alex's light is almost always warm and quiet."

C. G. Byers, describing Morning Sun in Quiet Light (museum review of Alex's art)

A prime example of Alex's use of traditional watercolor techniques, Morning Sun juxtaposes "wet-on-wet" washes with "dry brush" details. The painting blends an almost palpable feeling of warmth with playful visual symbolism, iconography, and narrative elements (e.g.,a plastered-over woodstove flue on the wall). The Giclee of Morning Sun is printed on the same type of watercolor paper that Alex used to paint the original.

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Title: Morning Sun
Medium/Media: Watercolor
Dimensions of Original: 13.5" x 21.5"
Prints Available for Purchase
10.8" x 17" Lithograph $25.00
13.5" x 21.5" Giclee on Watercolor Paper $175.00