This painting accurately depicts some of the most brightly colored fish seen in the tropical reef environment. The species pictured include Bandit Angelfish (in the foreground, looking directly at you), Ornate Butterflyfish, Milletseed Butterflyfish, Achilles Tang, Yellow Tang, Whitebar Surgeonfish, Gold-rimmed Surgeonfish, Hawaiian Anthias, and Yellow-tailed Coris.

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Title: Kaleidoscope
Medium/Media: Gouache
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10.6" x 13.5" Lithograph $25.00
10.6" x 13.5" Lithograph, matted (fits standard 16" x 20" frame) $35.00 Sold Out
10.5" x 13.3" Cibachrome $95.00 Sold Out
14" x 17.58" Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas $195.00
20" x 25.1" Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas $395.00
4" x 6" Post Cards (100 cards) $15.00 Sold Out